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Plataforma de Turismo Médico #1 desde 2014

Tratamiento quirúrgico de la enfermedad de Parkinson

Rambam Medical Center Israel Haifa
96% de pacientes recomiendan esta clínica
Menashe Zaarour

Detalles del programa

Todos los precios son proporcionados por los hospitales asociados. Son actuales en el momento de publicación. Si el centro médico ha cambiado los precios y no nos informó a tiempo, es posible que estén desactualizados.
Las ofertas especiales de los socios están marcadas con el ícono especial "Mejor precio". Son descuentos oficiales de los hospitales proporcionados exclusivamente para pacientes de Bookimed.
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Procedimientos médicos keyboard_arrow_down

  • Diagnóstico complejo de la enfermedad de Parkinson
  • Cirugía de estimulación cerebral profunda (DBS)

Asistencia de Bookimed 24/7 keyboard_arrow_down

done Coordinador médico personal

done Organización de viajes médicos: reserva de billetes de avión y habitaciones de hotel a precios especiales para socios

done La protección de los intereses de pacientes durante un viaje médico

Precio del programa

$85250 - $105250



HaAliya HaShniya St 8, Haifa, 3109601, Israel


What are the treatments for Parkinson's disease?

Doctors abroad have made significant progress in the fight against Parkinson's disease, although in the CIS countries the disease is considered incurable and only some symptoms are alleviated. Foreign neurosurgeons and neurologists use various methods of Parkinson's treatment. The protocol of therapy depends on the stage and degree of functional disorders in the patient.

Drug treatment of Parkinson's

After a comprehensive examination, the doctor selects the type and dose of the drug, over time, therapy requires adjustment. In the early stages of Parkinson's, doctors prescribe medications that replace dopamine:

  • Carbidopa and Levodopa - stimulates the production of dopamine by brain cells.
  • Bromocriptine, Ropinirole, Pramipexole - mimic the production of dopamine.
  • Rasagiline, Selegiline - help fight motor disorders.
  • Anticholinergic drugs - relieve tremor and increased muscle tone, but have a short effect.

Surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease

Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) is a safe and minimally invasive intervention on the brain. Postoperative rehabilitation lasts 3-4 days, the risk of side effects is minimal. 90% of operations are effective.

The operation is carried out in 2 stages:

  • Under local anesthesia, the doctor inserts 2 electrodes into a specific part of the brain along a path pre-designated by a computer.
  • Under general anesthesia, the surgeon sews the pacemaker into the chest area and connects electrodes to it.

The generator sends electrical impulses to the brain, after which the patient's sleep normalizes, and the musculoskeletal function is restored. The doctor reduces the dosage of necessary medications for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

The method of deep brain stimulation has a number of strict contraindications and requires a thorough diagnosis before surgery.


  • the patient's age is over 75 years;
  • positive reaction to Levodopa;
  • serious chronic diseases;
  • mental illness;
  • memory impairment.

Innovative treatments for Parkinson's disease

Ultrasonic scalpel (MRgFUS)

The doctor acts on the brain with ultrasonic waves under the control of MRI and destroys the pathological part of the brain, due to which tremor develops. The procedure does not require surgical intervention. Assign to eliminate uncontrolled tremor.

stem cell transplant

An experimental method for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, which is already successfully used in the treatment of hemorrhagic stroke and multiple sclerosis. The patient is given stem cell injections that stimulate the production of dopamine.

What determines the cost of Parkinson's treatment?

According to Bookimed partner clinics, the cost of surgery for Parkinson's disease is affected by:

  • scope of diagnostics;
  • stage of the disease;
  • the presence of concomitant diseases;
  • selected country and clinic.

Bookimed's assistance in choosing a clinic for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and organizing procedures does not affect the cost. Our services are free for you. Find out more about how we work .

How much does surgery for Parkinson's disease cost?

We have prepared for you a table with the minimum prices for diagnostics and the cost of surgery for Parkinson's disease. Leave a request on the site so that the doctor-coordinator calculates the price for your case.






Neurologist's consultation

from $40

from $370

from $201

from $15

brain MRI

from $150

from $1 056

from $687

from $400

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

from $17 000

from $74 915

from $46 019

from $16 000

Prices updated 05/25/2022

Special Offers for Parkinson's Treatment

Some foreign clinics provide package prices for the surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease. They may include:

  • consultations of a neurologist and a neurosurgeon;
  • comprehensive diagnosis of Parkinson's;
  • deep brain stimulation (DBS);
  • transfer airport-clinic-airport;
  • stay in the ward with meals;
  • translation services.

Check with the Bookimed coordinating doctor if the price includes accommodation and meals for the accompanying person.

How to prepare for surgery for Parkinson's disease?

A patient with indications for surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease is examined by a neurologist, psychologist and neurosurgeon, as well as diagnostic procedures: complete blood count, magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) or computed tomography ( CT ), electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiography (ECG).

What documents do you need to provide to the doctor?

If the patient has been examined in their own country, all medical records must be submitted to the coordinating doctor. The list of documents includes: the conclusion of CT/MRI and a disk with the data of these studies.

The coordinator will submit all documents for translation into English, after which the data will be sent to the doctor at the selected clinic for study. Please note that our services are free . You pay only for the procedures performed at the medical center.

Reviews after surgery for Parkinson's disease

Check out the real stories of Bookimed patients who have undergone procedures at the Parkinson's Clinic. All of them are verified users who have booked a medical center through our platform.

Saule from Kazakhstan was treated for Parkinson's disease at the Center for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders (PARMER) at Medipol University Hospital

Professor Ali is a doctor from God! Highly educated, literate, knowledgeable, experienced and very pleasant person! We were prescribed medical treatment according to the scheme. In January, God forbid, we will come for a control examination! Everything was wonderful!

Tatyana from Latvia was treated for Parkinson's disease at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Good afternoon. Many thanks to the attending physician Kazlauskiene for professionalism and kind attitude towards patients, the doctor established the correct diagnosis! We are very grateful to her. Also many thanks to the coordinator Dmitry Belik, who organized our visit to the doctor. He was always in touch, and thanks to him, we succeeded! Thanks again!

Sarah from Kazakhstan was treated for Parkinson's disease at the Center for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders (PARMER) at Medipol University Hospital

At the Medipol clinic, we underwent an examination in May 2019. The Medipol Hospital, the Parkinson's Disease Department, received us at the scheduled time, the consultation of Dr. Ali Tsikh was multiple, concise and understandable for us. We were told about the advantages of the operation of installing a neurostimulator. The nursing staff is attentive and friendly. We were also offered an alternative treatment for Parkinson's disease. Special thanks to our doctor Vazak Bullik Kilik, who prescribed conservative treatment for us. We left the Medipol clinic satisfied, agreeing to be in touch with the attending physician. There are no problems with the purchase of medicines. I would like to especially note that a person who first came to Istanbul is provided with services for a meeting and further escort to the clinic. We are also grateful to our proofreader Ostap Bondarenko and translator Timur. Sincerely, Shyrynbekovy Zhomart and Sarah.

How can Bookimed help you and your loved ones?

➤ Bookimed medical coordinators will select for you a clinic and doctors who specialize in the treatment of Parkinson's disease . We will take into account the specifics of the medical case, your needs and wishes. You will receive an individual program of procedures with a cost and will be able to plan your travel budget in advance.

➤ Bookimed is an international service for the selection of medical solutions and the organization of treatment in more than 40 countries . Every month, our medical coordinators help 9,000 patients . Our mission is to provide everyone with the necessary medical solution and help at all stages: from choosing a clinic and organizing a trip to returning home. We stay in touch with you 24/7 to make your path to health simple and comfortable.

➤ Bookimed services are free for patients. The selection of a solution and the organization of a trip do not affect your bill for treatment.

Leave a request on the site to get the TOP options for Parkinson's treatment clinics .